Commercial grain cultivation including cereals and pulses have versatile commercial importance. India is one of the biggest producer,consumer & exporter of grains & pulses. Wheat,Rice, Pigeon pea, Millets, Chickpea,etc. are cardinal grains cultivated in India at large scale. Richflow crop care has multi-dimensional range of products suitable for all sorts of grain & pulses from juvenile stage to maturity. Sustainable products of Richflow have proved its efficiency among all sectors of farmers involved in green cultivation by providing higher standards of results & procurement. Richflow grain technology has achieved sustainable goal to cultivate healthy & human friendly food grains for all civilizations.


Cotton is an universal and dominant commercial crop grown across the globe. Cotton is a cash crop has paid lions contribution by generating commercial benefits to farmers India is one of the largest cotton cultivation nation in the world having enormous domestic & export potential.

Richflow cotton development technology is proven & trusted since long among the cotton growers with sustainable & promising approach to develop all round betterment of cotton fields. Richflow technology has an outstanding ability to procure higher cotton yield with optimum size & weight . Richflow is the first choice of farmers to use and apply for cultivation of BT/BG & Y1 breed by all means in order to achieve maximum productive recovery.Richflow contributes towards economic empowerment of farmers with sustainable profits.


Sugarcane is the cardinal commercial crop having worldwide recognition with respect to demand & supply.Richflow assists to ensure and enhance sustainable sugarcane cultivation by all means of soil & environment conservation. Richflow sugarcane development technology is best in class having intensive capacity to grow sugarcane at commercial scale with all varieties.Apart from conventional sugarcane farming, Richflow sugarcane technology has increased it’s a stake among farmers by reducing environmental hazards.The diverse method of Richflow is dedicated to generate optimum sugarcane production with higher recovery.Richflow Sugarcane technology is accepted by all reformative commercial farmers with respect to procure surplus yield & quality.

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