Banana is a large scale grown commercial crop in India. Being having suitable soil,temperature,climate and other favorable geographical conditions have involved large number of farmers in banana cultivation. Enriched with vitamins,minerals and nutrients banana is known as power food. In India traditional banana rising is mostly depends upon traditional methods of  fertilizer applications. However,having several side effects to soil,water as well as efficient production traditional fertigation is a cause concern among farmers due to high pricing and dependability. Cultivators are now seems to be incline to grow banana by the use of alternative method of organic application. The most beneficial aspect to the farmers of organic agriculture is to provide sustainable feature to produce matured product with optimum yield and quality. 

Being accepted & trusted by several reformative farmers for several successive years  Richflow Banana Development & Yield Technology that incorporates multi dimensional banana procurement method & measures have effectively provied a solution to overcome difficulties & problems pertaining to traditional banana farming.    


Grape is one of the major and extensively cultivated fruit crop in the world. The differentiating future relating to organic grape cultivation is related to better procurement of yield & quality with less hazardous elements. As an Export oriented fruit grape requires minimal toxic and hazardous residues in order to meet international standards of food safety.

Sustainable and organic grape farming is now a days very popular and promising practice with the use and application of Richflow products having sound potential to generate quality produce with minimal biological hazards.

Grape growers by the use of Richflow foliar and drip oriented products have fulfilled their needs by generating optimum quality & weight. Richflow products  have proved its potential among farmers & thereby gain  the trust & goodwill, by creating the path of future care.Richflow products have sole objective to reach each & every grape cultivator in order to procure sustainable quality with surplus yield and harvest.


Citrus categories of fruits have wide range of varieties with specific features across the globe having various production and supply ratio. Citrus fruits have been commonly utilized for juice,jam,candy & in fruit processing industry.The Richflow technology do have ability to procure & produce better lime or sweet lime from juvenile stage to maturity. Richflow technology assists to invigorate multipurpose growth & development of citrus fruit with export quality features having sustainable values of cultivation.Be a part of RCC technology & methods & thereby proceed to procure quality yield as similar to other beneficiary farmers


Watermelon is the nutritious and delicious fruit crop with short duration. Conventional watermelon cultivation have created environmental hazards like soil de-generation. Across the world watermelon is very popular due to its nutrient & aphrodisiac nature.The efficient & trustworthy products of Richflow have played cardinal road in developing & generating quality watermelons with maximum taste & nutrients. 

 Richflow products have gain the confidence & appreciation of farmers with higher ratio of success.The extensive field application of Richflow products have procured the sustainable watermelon cultivation with appropriate health benefits to human civilization. One can use the Richflow products to produce better quality watermelons with surplus yield.


Strawberry is an unique delicacy providing natural source of vitamin C and minerals.Being a delicate and unique fruit strawberry has huge commercial potential with respect to consumption. By the use of Richflow products it is efficiently possible to produce strawberries with optimum quality. Appropriate and adequate uses of Richflow products have potential to accelerate growth & development of strawberries with high level of nutrients. Richflow is the first reliable choice among strawberry farmers proved its efficiency by all means. 



Mango is the king of fruits. Being an important commercial fruit crop India is producing over 40% mango in world . Due to its unique aroma and high nutritional value mango is all time favourite fruit of consumers.Sustainable mango cultivation have paved the path of long term benefits to the growers relating to bio-diversity conservation & better fruit production.

Richflow technology of mango cultivation of sustainable mango cultivation have been paving the path of numerous long term benefits pertaining to health & environment.We are appealing all mango growers to use Richflow to procure better quality with higher yield.

Alphanso,Dashehari,Kesar,Safeda,Langra,Miyazaki,Brunaiking,Banana Mango & other worldclass varieties of mango is possible to grow & develop with optimal enhancement of core qualities by vigilant applications of Richflow products. 


Apple is an International commercial fruit having numerous health benefits. Across the world apple is used for human consumption. Now a days with research & development is is possible to cultivate apple in several geographical areas in irrespective of climate & temperature.

The Richflow regime of sustainable agri products have attributes of quality accompanied with optimum results to produce better quality of apple. Since long Richflow have efficiently proved the efficacy of it’s a products across the nation on all varieties of apples including Jammu & Kashmir. In all stage of growth Richflow can promote optimum efficacy within a plant to generate better fruits with surplus yield.

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