Adusa,Isabgol,Korfad,Tulsi,Shwetmusali,Brahmi,Kapoor,Kesar,Giloe, Shatavari,Jeshtamadh,Vai-vidang, Dalchini,Tejpaan, Shank pushpi, Harda, Bhringhraj, Konch ,  Behra  etc.


Ginger is one of the major commercial crop having huge demand for consumption & commercial purpose. India is also one of the large scale ginger producing nation. Being a crop ginger has been used as a medicine & spices. It is commonly used as medicinal home remedies as well as in Ayurveda to treat various physical ailments.

Richflow Ginger development technology is proven and accepted by large number of farmers to cultivate ginger with higher quality & surplus yield. Richflow sustainable products assist in cardinal manner to procure better vegetative growth development & yield from very beginning till harvest. Richflow technology has benefitted number of farmers growing ginger at commercial scale.  


Turmeric is a large scale grown commercial as well as medicinal crop in India. Being an indigenous crop turmeric has huge potential pertaining to consumption & byproduct generation across the globe. In Ayurveda & cosmetics turmeric is widely used.India is worlds’s largest grower & exporter of turmeric.

Turmeric cultivation technology of Richflow is very effective to generate healthy & sustainable turmeric with minimum hazards. Richflow turmeric technology has potential to produce turmeric with all physical features like highest quality & oil content. Richflow technology is very suitable & friendly to grow all varieties of turmeric with better results. Richflow products have proven their efficacy in the field of turmeric cultivation with sustainable & appropriate results.Richflow turmeric technology is applied & appreciated by large numbers of farmers.

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